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About VideoMagic

The Road to VideoMagic: A Northern Virginia Video Production company

The clues were there all along. Moving to strange places with her family – Libya, Somalia, Saudi Arabia – the different jobs her father had, the various languages she had learned and forgotten. Before there was suspicion, but now there was proof. At sixteen, Kari was sworn to secrecy, right in her own home in Rome, Italy, that her father was undercover CIA. She too was now in the family business. What Kari did – and continues to do to escape and establish who she is – is express herself through art.

Kari Cannistraro of VideoMagic started off as the Art Director for an advertising agency producing commercial ads. This career later evolved into the fine arts and media arts. For many years Kari worked as a professional muralist. Through her love of art and advertising, she next came to express herself through video. She has flourished in combining her talents to help small businesses find their true vision.  Kari has now been working in the video business for eight years. She started producing videos for special events, and then transitioned into Marketing website videos for businesses with a Virginia video company. Currently, she is the official videographer for VivaTysons Magazine in Northern Virginia.

Kari uses her discerning artistic eye and technical expertise to create one-of-a-kind marketing videos which are both effective and evocative for businesses ranging from realtors, doctors, and politicians to beauty salons, chambers, and financial advisers, just to name a few. She saw a need for captivating and creative videos to help propel small businesses forward in their marketing endeavors and leave potential clients with a vivid and memorable image of their capabilities. As a result, she launched Videomagic, her own thriving video business.

Kari Cannistraro


Vienna Business Association Board Member

McLean Chamber of Commerce Member